Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you, Grandma, Part II

As I mentioned in a prior post, early in the trailer project my Grandma died.  Her small “donation” to my project’s cause was greatly appreciated, and celebrated.  But, her contribution would not end there.

My Grandma loved to sew.  She collected scissors, notions, fabrics, patterns, yarn, buttons, lace, snaps, needles, etc…  You name it, she had a collection of it.  So, while I am in the middle of the trailer project (with parts and pieces already cluttering my house and garage) I got an email from my cousin telling me that, as the executor, he decided to give me my Grandma’s entire sewing room…furniture and all.  He asked if I could come up with my truck that weekend and get it so it would not get mixed in with the other items that would be sold at her estate sale.

I brought home an entire TRUCK LOAD of boxes, bags, and furniture that once was her sewing room.  Determined not to let it go unused, or sit around getting dusty, I promptly set off to Target to buy bins so I could sort through the cardboard boxes and make sense of it all.   When all was said and done I had over 30 pairs of scissors, hundreds of spools of thread, dozens of zippers, hundreds of yards of fabric, a sewing machine with table, and notions galore.   (Eight shoe box sized bins of notions and 4 very LARGE clear plastic bins full of fabric.)

And it didn’t end there.

A few weeks later the rest of the family had gone through the house and picked out what they wanted, before the estate sale.  I got another email asking if I would like to come visit again and sort through it all to see if I could “use” any of it.

And…another truck load found its way home with me. 

It was like I was on American Pickers, only, I didn’t have to pay for anything and there were no TV cameras.  I found vintage hats, and hat boxes, mason jars and various glass containers, cookbooks from the early 1900’s, shelving, an old canvas umbrella, a ladder stool, two suitcases, a new lawmower (yeah!) a steamer truck (VERY cool) some shelving for a future painting project, kitchen gadgets and glasses, more yarn, four more boxes and one large trunk full of fabric…and more stuff that I cannot remember.

Let the sorting begin again.

Most of my vintage finds are now part of my living and dining room décor.  The kitchen gadgets and other vintage items, including the mason jars, are now part of my trailer décor.   The sewing machine and notions found their way into our family’s “productivity room”.

Another trip to IKEA yielded the most amazing fabric find (yeah, like I need more fabric!?) for the curtains and the sewing machine was put immediately to use making curtains AND pillows. 

The best part about making simple curtains?  No patterns required.

The best part about my picking adventures?  I have memories of my estranged Grandma to take with me on my trailer adventures; and I have the knowledge that, although she was not a part of my life, she remembered me.

Life is crazy sometimes, isn’t it?