Monday, December 2, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions........

Although most of my friends now think I’m kinda’ crazy (read: unhealthily obsessed) with the idea of living in a Tiny House…..the idea is really starting to grow on me.  The more I read about others who have gone before me into the bold new world of living small, the more excited I become.  (I bet you’re thinking……“Really? Is that even POSSIBLE?”)

I am, however, not following anyone’s path exactly, I am starting from scratch.  I’m taking all of the best ideas from the floor plans and material lists I’ve seen, injecting a dose of frugal reality, adding a sprinkle of creative genius, a touch of whimsy (as well as taking Mark’s building experience and feedback into consideration) and hopefully……eventually…….I’ll have THE PLAN.

I’ve started a binder that is already packed full of the best the Pinterest, Facebook, and various website and books have to offer. 

Go Team Me!

So …….do I use:

Stairs or a ladder?

Skylights or windows?  (can you say “loft escape hatch”)

Gas Heat or Electric?  (I’m afraid of “gas” but may have to succumb to reason on this one)

Marmoleum Floors or Wood? (I’m waiting for someone to tell me why I can’t use marmoleum.)

Stackable washer dry or all in one?  (all in one’s are impossible to find on craig’s list and expensive!)

French doors or solid, vintage?  (aka “free” since I already have two vintage ones)

Pocket interior doors or hung?

Curtains or cupboard doors?  (curtains are a great way to reduce weight, and add texture and color to the space!)

Wood stove or pellet stove?  (or will a gas heater, suffice?)

Used Trailer or new?  ($$ or $$$$$?)

Composting toilet or Incinolet?  (smell will be a major factor in this decision!)

Murphy bed or fold out couch?

Decisions, decisions, decisions…………….

Do you have any suggestions or experience that might be helpful to me?

Do tell!!!

It’s a good thing I have lots of time to plan this project because although it will most likely drive everyone in my life NUTS after hearing about it every day, for the foreseeable future, it will take me a long time to figure this all out and finally be able to proceed forth with confidence in my ability to make this happen.