Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Direction!?

You know how life sometimes goes in an entirely different direction than you had originally envisioned?
My life’s journey has been one turn, after another, and some might even say it has been “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.
So, in keeping with the overall theme of my life, today I am announcing a bit of a change to this blog. 
So far, I have been posting details about my vintage trailer, Besty;  my mascot, George;  and our adventures together.   Rest assured, I will continue to do so and am looking forward to a very active 2014 Glamping and blogging season!   I love telling her story to anyone who will listen and sharing my restoration and project cost-saving ideas with others. 

However, in the process of renovating Besty, I stumbled on what I now consider to be the next evolutionary step of the Vintage-Travel-Renovation-Creative-Inspiration-ReUse-Project……..I’ve been bitten by the Tiny House Bug.  In fact, I have already started planning, and sketching, and talking with other enthusiasts. 

My goal:

Build and finish my own Tiny House by the end of 2016.

I assume you won’t mind the change since this blog is called “Decide Where to Go” and, quite frankly, it is an accurate reflection of my quandary regarding where I’ll go next… life, with my career, or just camping.   So, here’s the scoop.  My youngest son will graduate from high school in 2015 and once I am no longer bound by the confines of the high school district where I have been (in the best interest of being close to his dad) I’ll be able to begin to consider housing options that don’t include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a sizeable yard to pay eighteen thousand dollars per year to rent.

I have been married, and divorced, twice.  I left both marriages with little more than the clothes on my back.  Despite all of the money and hours invested (in the houses AND the marriages) I am now facing the real fact that I have nothing to show for said investments.  Yes, I live a simple life without credit card, auto, or mortgage debt and some might consider that admirable.  Since I don’t have any money in the stock market, I didn’t lose any in the market crash of 2008.  Since I don’t own a house I have not experienced the same drastic and stress inducing decline in housing values as my neighbors have.  So, all in all….mine is not a bad situation to be in. 

But, do I want to jump onto the home owner’s band wagon this late in life?  Nope.

Do I want to stress out over finding an affordable place to live when I’m retired?  Nope.

A Tiny House will give me the ability to live a simple, yet very flexible and debt free life, and also have something to show for my creative efforts.

The options are endless, even with my significant other, Mark, by my side.

I could move in with him and then use the tiny house as a place for my children, and grandchildren to stay when they come visit us.

Or, he and I can travel the country together, using his house as a rental and my tiny house as our home base.

I can also use it as a creative studio for projects, or a quiet place to write…..or nap.

Yep.  It’s a great solution.  Granted, Mark isn’t quite convinced.  But I’m confident that, with time, he’ll be just as enthusiastic as I am.
(Or maybe not, since I’m kinda’ over the top in the Enthusiasm Department.)

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